Commited to training women, new shooters & those who are fearful of firearms

Classes & Registration

Review the available classes below and register online for the ones you wish to take.  For custom individual or small group training, use the contact form to provide information on what you're looking for and we will contact you to set up some times that work for you.

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 Introductory Handgun Classes

(Introduction, Intermediate, and Defensive Handgun)

If you are interested in learning about handguns in a supportive environment, these beginner courses are the place to start.

You'll get to try a variety of handguns and put the knowledge you gain into practice.  If you don't own a handgun, take this course before you buy one.  If you already have a handgun, you may bring yours for the range portion, but may try other options as well. 

1.) Introduction to Handguns ($75 - includes course book)

In this first Intro class we'll focus on the 4 Rules of Firearms Safety, loading & unloading the handgun, and shooting fundamentals (stance, grip, aim, and trigger press).

2.) Intermediate Handgun ($75)

In this follow-up course, we'll focus on revolvers vs. semi-automatic handguns, clearing malfunctions, holsters and concealed carry, and review firearms safety and shooting fundamentals.

3.) Defensive Handgun ($75)

This class covers defensive mindset, use of force, cover vs. concealment, drawing from the holster or purse, reloading your handgun, and defensive shooting.  This class will help you enhance your confidence and skill if you are considering a carry permit course, but need more practice.  

Upcoming Class Dates

Minnesota Carry Permit & Renewal Classes

($75 - includes course book)

In this course we'll cover all the information that you need to know to apply for or renew your Minnesota Carry Permit.  Topics include the legal use of force, defensive mindset and practices, Minnesota-specific content including the permit application process, and a review of the 4 Rules of Firearms Safety and shooting fundamentals.  

Interested in a Florida permit?  You can add on Florida Permit content for $20 on the day of your course.  

Upcoming Course Dates

Custom Individual & Small Group Training

Would you prefer one on one or training with your own small group?

Do you want customized, personalized training?

We can help focus your training on what will work best for you, your abilities, and your lifestyle.  

Contact or Call us today to sign up for Individual or Small Group Training

Cost is $50/Hour per person with a 2-hour minimum.

(Discounts available for couples and parent/child groups.)

Consulting Services

Do you need help selecting a handgun?  

Do you need assistance figuring out safe carry options or deciding on a holster?  

We can help you find options that work best for you, your abilities, and your lifestyle.  

Contact or Call us today to sign up for Consulting Services.

Cost is $50/Hour with a 2-hour minimum.

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